Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Have a look at our first badge!

We are very happy, because after three months working hard on our e-project, we have got a badge as ICT Primary Bilingual Teachers! This badge is issued to those participants successfully passing 'The Use of ICT & Digital Resources in Primary Bilingual Education' Module of the Master's Degree at URJC!Have a look!

Monday, 28 April 2014

Virtual Conference

On Sunday 27th, we were in Virtual Round Table Web Conference sharing our e-projects with the world, it was an amazing experience because we could share our projects with international teachers and they were glad to hear us. Also some teachers said that they are going to put in practice some activities that we have posted in our blogs.

Cristina was the co-presenter of our team, she did a professional work and so great; the rest of us were twittering and attending to the conference. In addittion, we gave to people who were talking in the conference's chat links to our blogs, our activities and our trailer.
Moreover our classmate Pablo did a Storyfy with all our tweets that we have posted during the conference. Here is the link if someone wants to take a look.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

ACTIVITIES!! Are you ready?

About Italy...
In this activity, the students will solve a treasure puzzle that has been made with a fantastic tool called jigsawplanet. This interesting application allows us to create our own pluzzle. We expect you enjoy!

jigsaw puzzle world treasure :

If you click on the link below, you will find an amazing tutorial about how to create your own sculpture just with a mirror and few materials. Take a look!

Let’s discover Egypt!
Here you are two interesting activities about Egypt!
The first one is an online game in which pupils have to match different pictures about some traditional Egyptian aspects with their name. The game has been created with a tool called “purposegames”, in which you can create different games about the topic you prefer. Just click on the link and start to have fun while learning!

In the second activity, we challenge kids to write like in Ancient Egypt, using hieroglyphs.

It  is explained in this video:

The video has been created with Camtasia, the tool we used to create the trailer of our project some weeks ago. 

From New Zealand to the world!

We have created a crossword with an online tool, with simply vocabulary about New Zealand. The will have support for guessing those words.

Then children can learn how to dance "haka" as maori's warriors step by step, is super easy for them and they will enjoy imitating maoris.

Learn Haka Step by Step

About Brazil...
We have created two different and interesting activities.

In the first one, everyone will become  dancers of Samba.
How to do it?
Here you can find a tutorial about how to dance Samba. I hope you like it and you want to do it!!
Click here:

Are you ready to dance Samba?

And in the other activity, you can do an interesting quiz in order to check how much you know about Brazil.
Enjoy it!

Let's Know about Brazil!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Collaborative presentation

Hello again! Last week we asked you to stay tuned because new material for the project was coming... do you remember? 
Well... here you are our collaborative presentation!

We have designed it with Prezi, an amazing tool that allows you to create very attractive presentations. We have also created a Voki avatar that greets you at the beginning of the presentation!
The purpose of our Prezi is to introduce pupils to the different countries we have chosen for this project, so that they can know a bit better those countries before starting doing the activities we are designing! We will show you these activities next week, so, as we said last week... stay tuned for upcoming material!

Sunday, 30 March 2014


Hi everyone!

The first podcast of the Arts&music around the world project is ready, and you can't miss it!
Jose, from Open Voices, has interviewed us, and we have told him the most characteristic aspects of our e-project! Are you ready to listen to it?

In order to prepare our first podcast, we have used the recorder of our mobile phones, and then, we have uploaded it to Soundcloud, a very interesting tool to produce podcasts, you can even record the podcast with this tool!

We hope you like the interview, and, if you have any suggestion for our project, just let us know please!

Stay tuned for upcoming resources and activities about our project!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Arts and music around the world trailer

Hello again!

Have a look at the trailer of our project! We have created it with Camtasia, a wonderful tool to edit videos.

We hope you like it!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Our storyboard

Hi everyone!

We have already created the storyboard of our trailer! Click on this link to see it:

We have used "StoryboardThat", which is a very interesting tool that offers lots of possibilities, and, besides, it is easy to use!

We hope you like it! And...stay tuned for the upcoming trailer! :)

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Our logo

Hello everybody! 

This is the final design of our logo, which will be the distinctive sign of our e-project from now on.

We hope you like it!  :)

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Useful resources about New Zealand

There are some resources for clil students about New Zealand. 
We have choosen New Zealand because it has cultural variety focused in maori's traditions and with colorful and striking contrasts.

The haka is a war ritual used to daunt the enemy before the battle. Nowadays football&rugby players continue do it.
Maori warriors doing haka
Football players doing haka.

In New Zealand the maori's tradition is a reference in music, here is one of the traditional songs.

The art in New Zealand is characteristic because you can found colorful or gloomy pictures that make striking contrasts in the bunch art.

Next link is one of the webpages that we have selected to do different activities with children, and parents can participate too.

But I we want to make an activity created by yourself you can use this app, is easy and simply to understand.

This webmix can be used to explore different resources in a class.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Useful resources about Brazil

Hi! We want you to see different resources related to Brazil.
We have choosen this country because of his cultural enrichment.
 We consider it an important country in America and very characteristic.

Hear, we show you different images. We think they are very originals and representative as well about Brazil.



We want to approach the students as much as we can to the Brazilian culture.
For this reason, we have selected this traditional sound.
 In these videos, you can find some interesting facts and thing related to brazilian culture.

These videos are from:
 We have used different tools in order to present, show you and organize our work.
One of them is prezzi. It is a way to show the work and also it is very attractive for the students.
The other one is creating a webmix. In this webside you can find different resources and useful links in order to work the content and the topic.
 Now, we present you this activity for kids related with Brazil.


More useful resources for our e-project

Hello everybody! 
In this section of the blog you can find some resources we are going to use to develop our e-Project.
Firstly, I have included some useful links about Egypt, which is one of the countries we are going to deal with in our project:


And this is the webmix I have created to collect some interesting websites for our art and music project. I am sure these websites are going to be very useful when developing our project!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Useful CC resources P.

Here you are going to find some of the resources we are using in order to create our e-project. Most of them would be carried out in the school.
As you can see, I have orgenized the resources in several groups.

Sound resources:

Italian tenor  In this link (italian tenor) you´ll can find the sound added below. This kind of music (traditional italian voice) is very useful because we would like to develop a performance, starring by the students, called "european day" in the school.
Italian tenor mp3

Video resources:

We would like to use this kind of tools/resources (ICTs) in order to show and transmite, in a realistic way, the main and relevant information about the culture of the countries that our e-project is going to talk about.
In this expample you´ll can see one of the most important volcanos you can find in Italy (european country).
Etnas volcano

Other video resources that includes interesting information (places and views) we can use in our project would be the next:
A piece of Italy


We are going to use lots of images in order to show the students how, the country they are working with, is. Here you have one example: the wonderful Fontana di Trevi

Other tools/resources: webs sites, apps, "cultural browsers"...

We are going to use all kind of tools and resources that can help us to motivate the student and teach all the information, this project includes, in order to be able to develope it in a funny and a practical way. Here you have some of this tools we´ll use:

-"The complete one" This app includes all kind of information about the countries we are going to work with. This link show you how to learn a little bit of italian but that´s not all, if you insert the name of the country you will find varied information about it. That´s a great source of information very useful for our project

-Details about your country This is a great web where you can find lot of details about the country you want. Let´s take a look!

-The kids news "browser" This app./tool provides diverse information and games where children can check the knoledge they have acquire related with the project.

-Let´s search This great tool offers a lot of images and very useful infromation realted with our topic. You only have to write the country you want to know about and...enjoy! :)

-Let´s learn and play! This app. provides diverse information and games where children can check the knoledge they have acquire related with the project.

The e-project PLE
Talking about the tool we have selected in order to create the mind map of our e-project, we have to say that this tool is "Prezi". 
Why Prezi? Because we think that is an innovative resource that allows us to work together and online at the same time. 
Prezi is a visual and funny tool that provides us lot of possibilities in order create a great mind map. Here you have a light idea about our project. And remember, that´s just the beginning.
    Our mind map

 Here you have my webmix. I have used the tool called symbaloo because it is allows us to create virtual desktops including our favourite web sites in them. I expect you enjoy.

Monday, 24 February 2014

We are...and our e-project is about...

Hi everyone!

We are group 4, made up by Cristina, Elena, Concha and Pablo.

In this blog, we are going to show all the resources we will create for our e-Project called "Arts & Music around the world".
The main objective of our project is to bring music and art from different countries of the five continents to school, with the purpose of creating an intercultural atmosphere at school and showing pupils that there are different ways of understanding music and art, depending on the country we talk about.
The project will be developed during five days, and each day we will work on one of the countries we have chosen: Brazil, Italy, China, Egypt and New Zealand. We will do different activities related to music and art in the aforementioned countries. We will show you all these activities in this blog! So, we recommend you to visit us every week!

We expect you enjoy it a lot :)

See you!