Saturday, 8 March 2014

Useful resources about New Zealand

There are some resources for clil students about New Zealand. 
We have choosen New Zealand because it has cultural variety focused in maori's traditions and with colorful and striking contrasts.

The haka is a war ritual used to daunt the enemy before the battle. Nowadays football&rugby players continue do it.
Maori warriors doing haka
Football players doing haka.

In New Zealand the maori's tradition is a reference in music, here is one of the traditional songs.

The art in New Zealand is characteristic because you can found colorful or gloomy pictures that make striking contrasts in the bunch art.

Next link is one of the webpages that we have selected to do different activities with children, and parents can participate too.

But I we want to make an activity created by yourself you can use this app, is easy and simply to understand.

This webmix can be used to explore different resources in a class.

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