Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Useful resources about Brazil

Hi! We want you to see different resources related to Brazil.
We have choosen this country because of his cultural enrichment.
 We consider it an important country in America and very characteristic.

Hear, we show you different images. We think they are very originals and representative as well about Brazil.



We want to approach the students as much as we can to the Brazilian culture.
For this reason, we have selected this traditional sound.
 In these videos, you can find some interesting facts and thing related to brazilian culture.

These videos are from:
 We have used different tools in order to present, show you and organize our work.
One of them is prezzi. It is a way to show the work and also it is very attractive for the students.
The other one is creating a webmix. In this webside you can find different resources and useful links in order to work the content and the topic.
 Now, we present you this activity for kids related with Brazil.


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